Training Sessions

imageConsultachameleon offer a range of training sessions, which can be adapted to your specific needs, as standalone sessions, or as an aspect of a bespoke development package.

The list here is not exhaustive, just a taster!

For Individuals/Professionals:

Working with families

Working with adolescents

Approaches to change in work with others

Building self esteem and confidence in others

Working with Groups

Developing Presentation and Training skills

Working with those who have been abused

Working with disordered attachment patterns

Grow Free From Shackles

Grow Your Colours

Working with what’s in your hands

Goal Setting and planning for change

For Organisations and small businesses:

Managing Change

Building your Company Brand

Developing a system for Supervision and Performance Management

Successful Tender Submissions and Funding Bids

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Marketing Planning

Developing your in-house learning and development programme

Goal Setting and planning for change

Developing your Theory of Change

Gaining clarity about Vision, Mission and USP